Our Approach

We listen, measure and understand your challenges with email. We share with your people the personal benefits of changing communication behaviour and give them the tools and support to make it happen.



Our innovative training takes people on an engaging journey using six physical story boards and group activities (no PowerPoint involved!).

We share insights that enlighten and resonate with our own communication experiences. Alongside this, we provide strategies for the selection of the most appropriate method in any situation. Finally, we give people practical steps on how to improve their use of email and work focus.



Our email dashboard software measures email traffic and converts it into rich graphical feedback that encourages personal improvement in email use.

Organisational progress and savings are presented to show the improvement and return on investment.

We’re the only solution that provides measured feedback on email use to individuals and the organisation.



Everyone has developed their own individual communication style. So, switching from personal preference to choices that focus on delivering outcomes presents different challenges for people.

Through individual coaching we help people overcome their communication challenges. We review their dashboards with them, suggesting strategies to unlock change.

Making the change sustainable for the individual embeds the change in the organisation.

Our Process




Assess the challenge

We begin by identifying the nature and scale of your email overload issue.


Inspire change

We help everyone understand the benefits of changing communication behaviour and introduce simple strategies to do so.


Support each individual

Individuals receive personal feedback on email use through their own email dashboard and tailored coaching to help them make behavioural change.


Measure company progress

Together we keep track of your organisation’s progress towards its targets and regularly assess how you are realising the benefits.


Feel the benefits

Within weeks, everyone will feel the benefits – greater personal productivity from regained time and fewer interruptions, email pressure lifted, better working relationships and the space for deeper thinking.