Our Story

At kohola we’ve created an effective, enjoyable and above all measurable solution for taming the problem of email overload.




kohola started from a client’s cry for help on an unrelated programme. Huge volumes of email circulated in his European business with email storms that often left the issue at hand unresolved. He could see the waste and wanted it gone.

We didn’t know how to back then, but we had a client who needed help, so we worked it out. We knew that the solution lay in behaviour. Buying another digital communication tool would have only added to the message load.

We created people centric training and bought simple server software to measure the change in email traffic. We delivered the training, provided individual feedback on email use and waited for the impact.

Immediately behaviours started to change, emails dropped, people started talking again (and found they liked it!). In weeks emails had halved and people were working better and happier.

So that is what we are about, helping your organisation escape from drowning in email.



What’s it like to experience kohola?

We are yet to have anyone who has not enjoyed and gained from the Insights session.

The email dashboard is intuitive to use and reveals enlightening details about email use that people are unaware of. Organisations like seeing the progress and benefits.

People can be initially reticent about the idea of individual coaching, but everyone finds it beneficial once they have experienced a session with us.

What people learn and the behaviours they change will stay with them throughout their working lives.

and the name?


Well, we are called kohola because it’s the Hawaiian name for humpback whale. Makes sense right?

Let us explain….

We can all concentrate for 40-50 minutes on a subject. Our concentration becomes deeper as we spend more uninterrupted time on a task. When we focus deeply on a task we are at our most productive and our most creative. If we are interrupted, our concentration is broken, and we have to re-build again from the start.

In nature, this pattern is closely mirrored by the behaviour of humpback whales. They dive deep for up to 45 minutes at a time to catch the most fish. After this they re-surface and begin again.

We exist to help organisations so that their people can achieve more deep dives in their working day by reducing the volume of email and the number of email interruptions.


Chris Brown
Managing Partner


Chris Brown is the founder and Managing Partner of kohola. Chris has over 30 years of practical management experience gained in the Aerospace and Automotive sectors from managing manufacturing business in the UK, China and Indonesia. The backbone of his career is his ability to successfully gel groups of diverse people, often in difficult circumstances, into cohesive performing teams by creating clear and effective communication.

Chris’s interest in workplace communication first developed at Cranfield Business School and became a passion when he discovered the huge untapped opportunity for organisations that lay in helping their people use the communication tools in the digital office more effectively. This passion took shape as the kohola solution and the kohola company was founded.


Sally Palethorpe
Programme Director


Sally is the Programme Director for kohola. She specialises in delivering business improvements through engaging people differently. Sally has developed and delivered many successful change programmes for both large and small organisations across a range of sectors. Sally’s passion is in helping others to exceed their expectations and in turn for the business to see a significant increase in performance.

Effective communications are central to Sally’s success whether engaging with others, designing and delivering communication messages into an organisation, or helping individuals understand the importance of their own communications and the positive (or negative) impact they have on others.


Delivery Team

Delivery Team


We have a team who have decades of experience delivering change programmes in varied sectors. Our people are all positive, independent thinking individuals with their own personal style who love inspiring others.

We understand the challenges of behavioural change and we are able to adapt our approach to resonate with the nature and culture of the people in your business. We can provide the right people to fit with your organisation to maximise the benefits of a kohola programme and deliver real business improvement.