SEA case study



Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd (SEA) is an independent systems engineering and software company, with 350 employees, providing services to Government agencies, industrial contractors and academia.

SEA identified business challenges with regard to email use. There were perceptions that the volume of email was too high and “driving the business” whilst having a negative impact on individuals’ wellbeing.

The kohola solution was identified as a pathway to addressing the challenges. kohola were invited to work with the leadership team using the kohola solution to achieve three outcomes:

Reduced email use

More effective communication

Enhanced wellbeing

The approach


1. Launch Event

A launch event was held with the leadership team. Using a quick and simple survey tool their views on the organisation’s email challenges were established. The team were introduced to the kohola solution, walked through the plan of action and agreed as a group their email reduction target.

2. Insights Session

The next stage was to run a kohola insights session with the team. An interactive group training experience that shares; the relative effectiveness of different methods of communication; how to select the best method to deliver an outcome; email good practice; and how to use the email dashboard software.

3. Individual Review

Each team member was given access to the email dashboard software, which provides individual measured feedback on their email use. The dashboard enabled them to review and adjust their usage in line with their personal commitments and the good practice shared during the insights session.

4. One-to-One Coaching

During the 4 month programme each individual received three one-to-one coaching sessions. Their personal challenges to change their communication and email practices were discussed, referencing their email dashboard and agreeing practical solutions to become better communicators and email users.

5. Review Event

At the end of the programme a review event was held with the leadership team where their results were shared and discussed. The original survey was re-visited to identify the behavioural changes made and the personal and business results were reviewed against the initial targets.


The results



46% reduction in the volume of emails sent by the leadership team exceeding their 30% target

12% reduction in hours spent on email per person annually giving back a week per year

47% reduction in new emails by choosing to use the best method to deliver the desired outcome

Sending fewer better emails, more targeted with less copies

Biggest users made the biggest change; coaching helped higher users overcome their challenges with email


The benefits


The Leadership team achieved a shift in communication behaviour resulting in;

  • a significant reduction in email use and improved communications
  • more time to do value adding work
  • enhanced wellbeing through the removal of email pressure

The experience


“Training was brilliant, I loved the boards and the way the story unfolded”

“Software tool is powerful and offers insights into email behaviour”

“Coaching really helped; being able to discuss the results and my difficulties in changing how I use email”

“It was engaging insightful and thought provoking”

“The software is the difference in this, as you can see what you are doing ”

“kohola has made me change my thinking and behaviour around email”